April is National Pest Management Month

Each day, and often behind the scenes, pest professionals are working to prevent or treat residential infestations, ensuring schools, hospitals, food processing facilities and our homes are free of pests.  Pest management is important to residential and commercial problems (rodents, ants, cockroaches, termites, etc.) as well as a nation as a whole to protect our food and health.

Pest infestations can trigger asthma and indoor allergies, especially in children and the elderly; contaminate food sources and food preparation areas; spread a number of dangerous viruses and bacteria; and damage homes.

With almost 18,000 professional pest management companies working each and every day to ensure the public has adequate protection against the diseases and dangers caused by pests.  In observance of National Pest Management Month, we hope you will join us in saluting pest management professional for the role they play in safeguarding us from the scary, disease-carrying, property-destroying pests.

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