Combating High Heating Bills with InCide® Pest Control Insulation

While the first day of winter is over a month away, most of us have already seen temperatures dip below freezing.  Did you cringe when you turned on the heat?  Is your home uncomfortably cold and drafty?  Are you heating bills out-of-control?  If you said yes to any of these, then it may be time to check the level of insulation in your attic.

No matter what type of insulation you currently have in your attic, you can easily determine the need for additional insulation by looking across the span of your attic.  If you insulation is just level with or below your joists, you should add more insulation.

Insulation levels are specified by R-Value.  R-Value is a measure of insulation’s ability to resist heat flow.  The higher the R-Value, the better the thermal performance of the insulation.  InCide® has an R-Value of 3.7 per inch.  By adding 6 inches of cellulose insulation or R-19, can significantly reduce your heating bills.

InCide® Pest Control Insulation is made with high-density cellulose insulation and is easily installed over existing insulation.   The interlocking fibers provide a seamless layer of thermal protection in attics and walls.  Its loose-fill nature allows InCide® to completely fill all gaps around framing, plumbing, wires and other obstructions.  This tight seal inhibits air infiltration, a major cause of heat loss within a home.  By effectively controlling the transfer of heat and air movement through walls and ceilings, InCide® provides long-lasting comfort and significant energy savings.

To see how much money you can save by adding InCide® Pest Control Insulation in your attic click here to access our savings calculator.

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