InCide Pest Control Insulation for Control of Silverfish

A common question we receive from pest management professionals is this: “Is InCide Pest Control Insulation effective against silverfish?” And the answer is… YES!

Silverfish are a frequent problem in attic areas. They prefer dark, humid areas, and most attics fit the bill. Whether moist outside air leaks into an attic, or interior exhaust fans (improperly) vent into the attic space, the environment created in the attic is perfect for the proliferation of silverfish. In fact, many pest management professionals have reported that silverfish commonly take refuge underneath fiberglass insulation in attics.

InCide Pest Control Insulation by Fiberlite Technologies is an EPA registered pest control product designed to kill numerous household insects, including silverfish. Replacing or encapsulating infested insulation with InCide Pest Control Insulation is a long-term, simple solution to reduce or eliminate silverfish in attics.



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