What is Booklice?

Booklice are soft-bodied and resemble termites.  They are light brown to grey and may or may not have wings. Booklice have biting mouth parts used for chewing their food but cannot harm humans.   Adults reach lengths of 1mm-2mm and lay eggs about 1/3 that size.  With a life cycle taking about one month from egg to adult, six to eight generations per year may occur under ideal conditions of temperature and humidity.

Booklice feed on mold and mildew.  They can be found in damp areas with excessive humidity.  New construction with wet plaster or damp lumber may give rise to conditions that favor mold growth, and booklice.  Controlling the temperature and humidity is the best way to control severe infestation of booklice.

InCide® Pest Control Insulation provides scientifically proven mold protection.  Humidity, condensation and other sources of moisture can cause mold to grow inside wall cavities and attics, and may not be detected until major damage has been done.  InCide® naturally diffuses moisture and virtually eliminates mold growing conditions.

With the help of a HVAC consultant and a Pest Control Professional, the conditions for booklice can be eliminated.


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