Don’t Let Termites Take a Bite Out of Your Home

Could termites be in your walls, floors and the ceiling?  These saw-toothed, wood-eating insects eat 24 hours a day, seven days a week, making infestation much more common than you think.  The incessant gnawing can severely comprise the structural stability of your home as they chew their way through important support beams.

Termites cause more than $5 billion in property damage every year and damage from these wood-boring insects is typically not covered by homeowner’s insurance policies.

InCide® Pest Control Insulation applied in the walls of your home and the attic may help prevent the infestation of termites.  Termites are killed upon contact with the insulation.  InCide® is treated with a highly effective pesticide and fire retardant.  It is highly recommended for use in new construction and retrofit application in attics, sidewalls, and crawl spaces.

InCide® is recommended for houses, apartments, offices, and hotels.  It is certified and approved by the EAP and may only be installed by a licensed pest management company.


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