Ants Number One Nuisance Pest By Quadrillions

Photo of ant infestation in a homeAnt infestations are one of the most common pest problems in homes and businesses creating an irritating nuisance and a source of disgust, concern and frustration for occupants. Ants are considered one of the most difficult pests to control, along with bed bugs. There are a staggering number of ants on the planet with a recently published study conservatively estimating over 20 quadrillion or 2.5 million ants for every human. So it is no surprise that ants represent one of the biggest potential pest problems.

Ant infestations are especially common in the following structures:

  • Office Buildings (88%)
  • Restaurants (83%)
  • Apartments and condominiums (82%)
  • Single-family homes (80%)
  • Nursing homes (70%)
  • Hospitals (58%)
  • Schools (58%)
  • College dormitories (34%)

Within these structures, the following areas were found to be particularly vulnerable:

  • Kitchens (96%)
  • Bathrooms (89%)
  • Inside walls (73%)
  • Bedrooms (61%)
  • Living rooms (60%)
  • Basements (54%)
  • Air conditioning and heating units (37%)

When ants are found, pest professionals control them with a variety of exterior and interior treatments, as well as sanitation efforts like eliminating the sources of their food and water.

Fiberlite (FTI) cellulose insulation can help resist infestations by ants and other pests when installed in the walls, attics and crawlspaces of buildings. FTI products contain EPA approved insect resistant substances. Insulating your home or office with cellulose adds an extra layer of insect resistance for a highly effective barrier when used in combination with other pest control products and professional pest services.

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