Attic Insulation Tips

The attic of a home for most of the United States can be a dreadful place to visit in the summer for homeowners.  Depending on the geographical area, attics in the summer are stereotypically scorching and feel hotter than the Arizona desert.  If the right measures are taken, attics don’t have to be extremely hot in the summer.

One thing that is very important is to never cover attic soffits with insulation.  By covering the soffits with insulation you’ll restrict the flow of air in the attic resulting in temperature increase.

Installing baffles or vent chutes in your attic will allow air to flow into and out of the attic as well as prevent any insulation from covering the soffits.

An attic ventilation fan will help control the heat within an attic during the summer months.  An attic ventilation fan will push the hot air out of the attic and help bring the cooler air from outside in.  This will help jumpstart  airflow throughout the space and reduce the high temperatures.

These tips will result in lower energy bills, increased life of roofing materials and overall increase the comfort of your home.


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