Builders Needed In Oklahoma for Tornado Relief

If you are an Oklahoma State Home Builder Association (OSHBA) member with your own crew of subs, you are needed in Moore, South Oklahoma City, El Reno, Carney, Shawnee, and other areas.

The tornados and storms have finally left, but while they were here, they caused a lot of destruction and grief.  Rebuilding is underway and the limited number of reliable subs in affected areas is making the recovery harder and slower for all builders.

The Moore HBA has received calls from builders around the country wanting to come in and help.  More builders contacting the local subcontractors will not help.  What are needed are those builders who can come in with the necessary subcontractors and materials.

To facility the recovering, OSHBA is assembling a list of member builders who are qualified to help in the rebuilding efforts and can bring crews and materials into affected areas.  If you are equipped to meet these criteria and want to be included on the list, please send your name, company name, e-mail, and phone number.  Do not put your name on the list if you cannot supply your own subcontractors and materials.  As is the State Policy, we will recommend Certified Professional Builders first, then other members alphabetically.  We will only list active members and will update as members join the effort.

Builders in every recovery area are working overtime to move their projects forward, but they need help.  Builders from other parts of the state can help the local builders and survivors as they work together to keep Oklahoma strong.

The list is available at

Note:  This article was provided by Mike Means

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