Drill & Fill Application Procedure for Cellulose Insulation

With the winter months rapidly approaching, many homeowners are beginning to worry about their upcoming heating costs.  We all know adding insulation to the attic can reduce your utility bill.  However, homeowners may not be aware that additional insulation may be added to existing walls by using cellulose insulation with the drill and fill method, saving them money month after month.

If you are providing this service, or are not sure about the proper installation procedures, we offer the following guidance.

We recommend using the “tubing” method for drill and fill applications.  This will require the following equipment and accessories:

  • Clear, flexible, vinyl hose- 1 ½” diameter, 10 ft. long
  • 2” plugs
  • Drill and 2” hole saw

Mark the vinyl hose in 12” intervals and cut end of hose on bias.  Carefully remove siding 18-24” above the base plate.  Drill a 2” hole in the center of each wall cavity.  Then insert tubing until you hit the top of the wall.  Retract the hose approximately 12” and turn your machine on.  Adjust machine settings according to manufacturer’s recommendations.  Begin filling the cavity.  The material will begin to slow as the cavity becomes full.  When the material slows, bring the tube down another 12”.  Continue this process until the cavity is filled at the hole and repeat the process on each cavity.  Once all cavities are filled, plug holes and replace siding.

Cellulose insulation installed in existing walls is a very cost effective way to save money on monthly heating costs.



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