Energy Efficiency Top Priority for New Homes

This winter has been very long and cold and has impacted most of the country.  Heating costs have risen 28 percent and in some areas of the country doubled in cost.  While new homebuyers have been demanding energy-efficient homes for some time, it has become a top priority for homebuyers in 2014.

The demand for energy-efficient windows, programmable thermostats and highly efficient insulation has more than doubled over the past five years.  However, many homebuyers are evaluating the cost of the insulation and the payback.

I received a phone call from Jim Waldo who is building a custom home.  “I want my home to be energy-efficient and I have done my homework” he commented.  “Cellulose insulation is the best insulation on the market with highest return on my investment.”

Many professional insulation contractors offer a variety of insulation products.  They can provide expert advice on how to make your new or existing home energy-efficient.  Energy efficiency does not start and end with the insulation.  Caulking and sealing and proper attic ventilation play a very important role.

Whether you building a new home or have an existing home, contact a professional insulation contractor to discuss your energy-efficient needs.

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