Office utility bills through the roof?

Did you know that office buildings consume the most energy of all building types – or that 34 percent of that energy is used for heating and cooling?

cellulose insulation, "energy efficiency", "commercial building","utility savings"FTI’s loose-fill and wall spray cellulose insulation products are the perfect solution to reduce heating and cooling cost in all types of office buildings.  Our wall spray products will stop air infiltration by sealing around electrical and plumbing outlets and fill all voids, seams, cracks and other structural irregularities.  Our loose-fill products form a seamless blanket of interlocking fibers in the attic.  The superior thermal performance of our cellulose insulation products will reduce heating and cooling costs.

But the benefits don’t stop there! 

No one wants to hear the outside noise or a conversation in the office next door.  By insulating the exterior and interior walls with Fiberlite’s cellulose insulation, you can effectively control the sound. The resilient fibers  naturally absorb sound and reduce reverberation resulting in excellect Sound Transmission Class (STC) and Noise Reduction Coefficient (NRC) ratings.  The results are a quiet and comfortable atmosphere.

Wait—there are still more benefits!

Fiberlite’s cellulose insualtion products are formulated with permanent additives for fire resistance and prevention of fungal growth (mold and mildew).  Our products will not off-gas or emit harmful chemicals or odors.  Our cellulose insulation products have been tested as a Class 1 Building Material. 

Let’s sum it up!

Fiberlite’s cellulose insulation offers superior thermal performace and reduces heating and cooling costs month after month.  It’s superior sound control creates a quiet and comfortable atmoshphere.  Permanent additives provide fire resistance and stop fungal growth.  No off-gassing or emission of harmful chemicals or odors will occur.  Fiberlite’s cellulose insulation products are a Class 1 Building Materials.

Give us a call today and let us help you with your next commerical building project.


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