Test Your Knowledge

1. Which of the following ASTM Tests is required for all loose-fill cellulose insulation?

a. ASTM C-1149

b. ASTM C-739

c. ASTM C-764


2. When building a blocking device around heat producing fixtures, the clearance around these fixtures must be a minimum of:

a. 2 inches

b. 3 inches

c. 4 inches


3. Which of the following products is not an approved material for blocking the soffit/top plate area of the roof and wall system?

a. Wind blocks or water resistant cardboard

b. Batt material

c. Plastic (any type)


4. Heat is moved by what method?

a. Conduction

b. Convection

c. Radiation

d. All the above


5.  The installer must provide a signed and dated statement describing the insulation installed and stating:

a. Thickness

b. Coverage area

c. R-Value

d. Number of bags used

e.  All the above


These questions were taken from our Contractor Certification Exam.  Answers will be given in our next post. If you have not yet taken the exam, we encourage you to do so.

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