Cost Vs Value Of Adding More Attic Insulation

Installing & Finished Cellulose Insulation Attic from FIberliteTechHomeowners considering “topping off” attic insulation likely weigh the pros and cons and wonder if it is truly worth it. Other “sexier” energy efficient home improvement might appear to provide greater bang for the buck. Additional insulation lowers your energy bill, but is it worth it for homeowners who may be planning to sell their house in the near future?

Remodeling Magazine has asked the same questions. In fact, they conduct a yearly survey comparing the job cost, resale value and cost recouped (ROI) on many common home improvement projects. They have conducted this survey by region and by city.Consistently through their survey history, the one improvement that provides a higher ROI than any other is insulation upgrades. Below is a list of some standard upgrades as a comparison:


Home Insulation Project vs Recoup Cost ROI Table from FiberliteTech

Upgrading insulation in a home is an excellent choice because the cost relative to other projects is nominal. It offers a quick return on the investment and provided savings every month for the life of the home, no matter who owns it. While other energy efficient upgrades are more visible, such as new thermal windows, appliances or roof shingles, none can match the ROI or effectiveness of adding insulation. And there are no esthetics to consider for when selling the home to a future buyer Maybe the buyer who may prefer a different style window or shingle color. Every homeowner wants a lower utility bill and listing updated insulation when putting a home on the market is a great selling point.

Whether planning to live there for years or selling in the near future, adding energy saving cellulose insulation to the attic of a home is a win-win. Fiberlite Tech Attic Pro Plus is perfectly suited for topping off existing attic insulation regardless of whether the current product is cellulose, fiberglass, mineral wool or even sprayed foam.

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