Energy Efficiency: A Solution Towards Energy Independece

Americans recognize that the best way to save energy is to never use it in the first place.  We also recognize that a renewed commitment to energy efficiency is smart economics.  It will put thousands of American workers back on the job, producing and installing insulation.  Unlike certain technologies such as solar, adding insulation is the most economical, practical and proven way to increase the efficiency of homes and buildings.

With so much disagreement over the use of both fossil fuels and still developing renewable energy, it’s more critical than ever to focus on what everyone can agree on:  energy efficiency.  Using tried and true technologies like insulation will spur jobs and save consumers money.

It’s an irrefutable fact; under-insulated structures are among the greatest source of wasted energy in American today.  The Department of Energy Reports more than 80% of the homes built before 1980 are under-insulated and  34% of our energy used is to heat and cool office buildings.  If these buildings were installed with greater levels of insulation, each year we could save the equivalent of 30 times the amount of energy that was lost in the Gulf of Mexico oil spill.

Many types of insulation such as Cellulose Insulation is cost-effective and easily installed over existing insulation.  Cellulose Insulation may be added to walls without the need for a costly renovation of the interior wall finish. It is simply blown into the wall cavities through small holes, which are easily plugged or patched.  Adding Cellulose Insulation to any structure will save you money on your utility costs month after month.

It is imperative that we come together to strengthen our society’s commitment to energy efficiency and independence.  Tax credits that provide incentives for home and business owners to invest in energy efficiency should be extended and expanded.  It is a common sense way of saving energy and providing our still sluggish manufacturing and construction sectors with a sorely needed shot in the arm.


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