Utility Rates on the Rise

If you live in Missouri or Kansas, chances are your utility company has requested a rate increase.  The most recent requests have come from the following companies:

Empire District Electric                                 5.3% increase

Ameren Missouri                                           14.0% increase

Kansas City Power & Light (MO)               15.1% increase

Kansas City Power & Light (KS)                 12.9% increase

All rate requests must be approved by either the Missouri Public Service Commission for utility companies filing rate increases in Missouri or Kansas Corporation Commission for utility companies filing rate increases in Kansas.  Hearings will be scheduled so the public may comment on the rate increase proposals.

With the temperatures looming in the triple digits, your air conditioner may be running non-stop.  There are several steps that you can take to lower your monthly cooling costs.

You may consider having a professional perform a total home energy assessment.  They will evaluate how much energy your home consumes and what measures you can take to make your home more energy efficient.  The cost of an energy audit can range from $350 to $500.  However, some utility companies may reimburse you for this expense.  To find out if your utility company is offering energy efficient rebates click here.

It is important that you have sufficient insulation in your walls and attic.  Adding additional insulation such as cellulose insulation is very energy efficient and cost effective.  Cellulose insulation is easily installed over existing insulation and installed into existing walls without costly renovation.  To find out how much you can save by adding additional insulation go to our energy savings calculator.

If you are building a new home, now is the time to make your home as energy efficient as possible.  Cellulose insulation, either sprayed or dry packed in the walls, will eliminate air infiltration by sealing gaps around plumbing, electrical wires and fixtures.  Cellulose insulation applied in the attic forms a continuous layer, leaving a carpet like texture in the attic.  A cellulose insulated home will provide maximum thermal efficiency and significant energy savings.

It is predicted that energy rates will continue to rise.  If your utility company has not requested a rate increase, chances are they will sometime in the future.  By making sure your home is energy efficient now, you will save money month after month on your utility costs!


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