October is National Energy Action Month

October is Energy Awareness Month, a time to think about what you can do to reduce your energy use.  Wise energy attitudes, behaviors, and organizational decision can ensure results. Take the time to review your daily routine to conserve energy, empower others to take action and join together to save energy and money.

How We Use Energy in Our Homes:

Space Heating – 31%                                    Computers & Electronics – 9%

Space Cooling –  12%                                    Appliances – 9%

Water Heating – 12%                                    Refrigeration – 8%

Lighting 11%                                                  Other-8%

Don’t know where to begin?  Here are a few simple tips that can save you money month after month.

•  Check the insulation levels in your attic, exterior and basement walls, ceilings, floors, and crawl spaces.

•  Turn the temperature of your hot water heater to 120o F.

•  Purchase an insulating blanket for your water heater.

•  Make sure you appliances and heating and cooling systems are properly maintained.

•  Check for open fireplace dampers.

•  Turn off the lights in unoccupied rooms.

•  Turn off computer monitors.

•  Install a programmable thermostat.

For a complete Home Energy Checklist, visit the U.S. Department of Energy’s website.

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