The “SATAC” System

Commercial building spray is an ideal way to expand your insulation business.  With the slowing of the housing industry and the recent boom in the construction of commercial buildings, you may want to explore this opportunity.

FTI’s “SATAC” Building Insulation System consists of “SATAC” (Spray Applied Thermal Acoustical Cellulose Insulation) Building Insulation and Encotec Adhesives.  These products are highly recommended for commercial building applications.

“SATAC” is available in a variety of colors and  coupled with our Encotec Adhesives creates an attractive, seamless and energy efficient finish.  The “SATAC” System forms a monolithic seal, which significantly decreases the chance of moisture development and is effective in controlling a building’s gain or loss of heat.  It also creates a sound barrier by sealing off potential sound transmission points.

Product Features:

-Thermal Performance

-Condensation Control

-Sound Control

-Fire Retardant



-Attractive Finish

“SATAC” has been tested as a Class 1 Building Material and is approved for use as a fire retardant insulation for building interiors.

Please call for more information on our “SATAC” System.

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