Topping Off Attic With Cellulose Insulation

As winter is setting in and temperatures drop, many homeowners see their utility bills rise and realize they need to improve home energy efficiency. The easiest and most effective solution to staying warm and lowering home utility bills is topping off the attic with additional insulation.

The quickest way to determine if additional insulation is need is by making a visual inspection of the attic. For example, below are two attics. The one on the left is poorly insulated with fiberglass batts and the tops of the rafters are visible. The one on the right is well-insulated with blown-in cellulose. The savings difference will be huge for the house with the cellulose insulation!

Attic Fiberglass Batts vs Fiberlite Blown In Cellulose Insulation






Unfortunately, many older homes with fiberglass batts in the attic look like this photo. If the tops of the rafters are visible like in the photo the home is under insulated. The good news, in most cases, homeowners can blow in cellulose insulation to top off their attic and achieve the Department of Energy recommended R-Value. In the Midwest, R49 is generally considered a quality insulation amount for every zone. In addition, cellulose insulation will seal the attic space better than figerglass batts for even more energy efficiency.

FTI has several insulation products that are suitable for attics. ATTIC PLUS and ATTIC PLUS PRO are specifically designed for dry blow-in attic installation projects. Contact Fiberlite or a local insulation contractor to learn more about topping off the attic to save on energy bills.


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