What Is Stabilized Attic Insulation

Cellulose Insulation Blown In Attic Stabilized With Water

Stabilized Cellulose Insulation in Attic Fiberlite TechIn certain areas of the country, contractors and homeowners prefer a stabilized attic insulation. What is stabilized and how does it work?

Stabilized attic insulation is cellulose insulation that is blown into the attic with a small amount of water which prevents settling from occurring. Normally, blown cellulose insulation when installed in an attic will settle about half an inch within the first few days. Contractors are trained to install to the installed thickness, not the applied thickness. With a stabilized attic insulation, active ingredients within the insulation interact with water during installation and prevents this settling.

FTI’s R-Plus Stabilized cellulose insulation is formulated specifically for stabilized attics. This product contains specially formulated ingredients that are activated by water, preventing settling. This creates a tough durable finish and will provide excellent thermal performance. R-Plus Stabilized can also be used for wall cavity spray applications.

Either a standard loose fill or stabilized cellulose insulation will provide the necessary insulating properties needed to meet recommended regional R-Values. Homeowners interested in having a stabilized attic should check with their builder or contractor as this is typically a professionally applied product. In regions of the country where stabilized attics are often used, a contractor can purchase R-Plus Stabilized to meet their customers' needs.

Contact FTI for more information about stabilized attics and recommendations about contractors experienced with the product.


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