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Fiberlite Technologies is your source for the very best blown in and sprayed cellulose insulation products. We have insulation solutions to improve energy savings in virtually any home or commercial building. Cellulose insulation is cost effective and provides enhanced sound control and superior fire protection. It is the perfect insulation for new residential or commercial construction projects. Cellulose insulation is ideal for upgrading existing insulation in walls or attics. The advantages go beyond just insulating homes and buildings. This amazing product provides a wealth of benefits and is safe for people and the environment.

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Learn why it's better to raise the attic joists and floor then add insulation rather decking directly on top of the joists to make an attic a storage space in homes.
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Ants Number One Nuisance Pest By Quadrillions

Learn estimated number of ants on earth, where in homes infestations are most common and how cellulose insulation can help resist these number one nuisance pest when installed in attics, walls and crawlspaces.
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